Important Notice

Magixhouse Hosting
Sri Lanka.

Dear Magixhouse Hosting Customers,

We kindly request you to complete all your bills for the year 2020.
We regret to announce that we have decided to suspend the accounts of all customers who have not paid their bills by 31.12.2020 from 01.01.2021. Also, your account will be deactivated after the expiry of the monthly billing period from 01.01.2021. Then in the next month, your account will definitely be deactivated.

An additional amount of Rs. 1500.00 has to be spent on each account to replace all existing accounts without paying bills or without special request. Accounts can only be renewed within three months of the expiration of the bill. We kindly and regretfully inform you that after three months your account will be automatically terminated so that it can never be retrieved.

You can connect to our website with live chat for your quick and easy problems. Otherwise, your problems and all submissions must be submitted in writing by opening a ticket.

We’re legally responsible for your problems only with complaints made in writing upon opening a ticket.

The above terms and conditions have been relaxed up to 31.12.2020 and are effective from 01.01.2021 and all terms and conditions have to be implemented subject to international web hosting rules. Through this, we hope to maintain the quality of the international service we provide to you.

For ticket opening and written submissions.
(Departments-Support, Sales, Billing)

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We wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Best regards,
Magixhouse Team.

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